Proof Progressive States Are Better Educated Than Right Wing States

Electing a progressive President in 2008 is the educated thing to do. That’s not just my opinion. I’ve got proof.

Morgan Quitno Press has come out with its 2006-2007 Smartest State rankings. These rankings are based on factors such high school graduation rate, school attendance rate, student-to-teacher ratio, performance on reading, writing and mathematics proficiency tests, and financial support for schools. The smart states, those that have the most support for education and highest performance in education, get higher rankings, reflected in a low number. Vermont, for example, is the smartest state in the union this year, with a ranking of 1. Arizona, on the other hand, is the least smart state in the country, with a rank of 50.

I took this new data from Morgan Quitno and compared it with the data from the most recent national election - the 2004 presidential election. That election forced voters to choose between confirmed right winger George W. Bush and Democratic Senator John Kerry.

We all know that John Kerry was far from a perfect progressive candidate. Kerry lost the confidence of many progressive Democrats by refusing to take strong progressive stands on issues like the Iraq War, civil liberties, and torture. Kerry’s attempt at mushy moderation cost him the election. Nonetheless, John Kerry was clearly the more progressive of the two major presidential candidates. Based on the Electoral College victory of Kerry or Bush, every state in the USA was classified as red or blue: Red for more right wing, and blue for relatively progressive.

I wanted to know how right wing red states fared against progressive blue states in this year’s Morgan Quitno Smart State rankings. Which group of states has a better record of education on the whole, right wing or progressive? The results are very clear:

Average progressive blue state Smart State ranking: 19
Average right wing red state Smart State ranking: 29.19

Parents, whether you consider yourself progressive or right wing, the intelligent thing to do is to pay attention to these numbers, and vote accordingly. The results of the Morgan Quitno Smart State survey indicate that progressive states do a much better job at providing children with a solid education than right wing states do. Where right wing ideology is stronger, educational performance tends to be weak. Where progressive ideology is stronger, educational performance tends to be more successful.

So, in 2008, you could allow your vote to be swayed by silly politicial issues such the drive to amend the Constitution in order to ban flag burning, or you could do the smart thing, and vote for the more progressive candidate for President.

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